"Waste, if properly treated, can be a resource rather than a problem"

progettazione impianti trattamento rifiuti
progettazione impianti trattamento rifiuti

We create solutions for the correct disposal of civil and/or industrial waste

impianti trattamento e recupero rifiuti pulizia arenili
impianti trattamento e recupero rifiuti pulizia arenili

We wash beached waste and put clean sand back where it belongs

progettazione impianti trattamento rifiuti
progettazione impianti trattamento rifiuti

We recover road waste and obtain quality materials

progettazione impianti trattamento rifiuti
progettazione impianti trattamento rifiuti

We recover environmentally hazardous substances


The Esposito Group is a solid company with its sights set on the future

The Esposito Group, founded by Ezio Esposito, is a well-established organisation comprising of various companies operating in a range of sectors in the environmental field both in Italy and abroad. Thanks to its TWENTY YEARS of experience, it applies its competence and professionalism to responding to the specific needs of public organisations and private companies. The companies that belong to the Esposito Group are: Ecocentro Tecnologie Ambientali, Ecocentro Toscana and Ecocentro Sardegna.

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We design, construct and operate systems providing waste recovery solutions

The Esposito Group specialises in the design, construction and management of systems for the treatment and recovery of waste.

The direct experience of the company owner, passion for and knowledge of the sector, combined with the know-how gained over years of managing the company’s own systems allows us to design and implement system solutions that are always innovative, tested, and capable of providing solid guaranteed performance.

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Impianti trattamento rifiuti

Soil washing plant inaugurated in Ariano Irpino

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Esposito Group

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impianti recupero rifiuti
Friday 15 April 2022

New perspectives on waste recovery

From waste to certified raw materials. A complete circular economy process linking technology, innovation, experience and sustainable approach to map out a new perspective of waste recovery. An approach that finds application in all Esposito Group solutions. For example, plants for the treatment and recovery of waste from street sweeping are capable of recovering up to 90% of incoming materials, resulting in CE-certified quality products with different declinations of use. From input waste to output material Street sweeping wastes, identified by EER code 200303, come from the activity of cleaning urban streets using street sweepers. These may be, for example: from urban and suburban street sweeping; agglomerates from purging of street drains; from cleaning and sweeping of various kinds. The process that transforms this waste into raw materials is based on the patented technology of Soil Washing. This technology makes it possible to separate the organic component from the recoverable […]
progettazione impianti recupero rifiuti
Friday 25 March 2022

Industry 4.0: here is the technology of Esposito Group’s industrial plants

Research, development and innovation.Technology, efficiency and performance. These are the guiding factors that, in more than two decades of activity, have guided the choices and growth of the Esposito Group, a leading player in the national and international panorama in the design, construction and management of waste recovery and treatment plants. Continuous investments in advanced research processes and the desire to create innovative solutions and advanced technologies in the green and circular economy have led to the creation of plant solutions in keeping with Industry 4.0 principles and applications. In fact, the Group’s plants are also Industry 4.0 ready. That is, they are highly automated and prepared for two-way exchange of data and information with the factory management system. We talk about interconnection. Machinery and tools are digitized so that all devices can process and optimize data in real time, allowing integrated control of the entire production process. The integrated […]
impianto lavaggio inerti
Tuesday 22 March 2022

An exploration of the waste transformation process: the Esposito Group solution

Turning waste into resources is not just a vision that guides every action taken by the Esposito Group; it is more a living, operational process that has been generating tangible results for years, with a positive impact on the economy and the environment. “Waste” is, by definition, worthless, but it conceals an intrinsic value that, if identified and understood, can take the form of new processes that allow it to be transformed into quality material that can be used in various industrial sectors, thus favouring what is known as circular economy. In a moment in history characterised by a scarcity of natural resources, there is an urgent need for a new economic model that combines both development and environmental protection. A system in which the recoverable is reused, repaired and recycled as material, and the non-recoverable is transformed into energy. This is what sets the Esposito Group’s waste recovery-treatment systems apart, as they […]
progettazione impianti trattamento rifiuti
Tuesday 22 March 2022

Environmental solutions and services

The experience gained over the years, investment in research and development for new technology, and the passion inherent in each and every activity have led the Esposito Group to design innovative system engineering solutions to protect the environment and the community, which are set out over four areas. These are the Esposito Group’s areas of operation Sea and Coastal ProtectionThe Esposito Group is capable of developing technology for the recovery of waste from beach cleaning. Beached waste is washed, and the sand returned to its original location, giving new life to Italy’s coastal heritage. Conservation of Urban AreasSystems designed and built to recover waste from road cleaning and transform it into high quality materials that can be used in various sectors, such as the building industry. Safeguarding of water resourcesThe Esposito Group’s initiatives are based on the awareness that water is a precious resource; all the systems and technologies developed by the Group […]

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