impianti soil washing
Friday 17 November 2023

Design, technology, engineering: here are the Gruppo Esposito Soil Washing systems


Design, technology, engineering: here are the Gruppo Esposito Soil Washing systems

impianti soil washing

In the complex environmental landscape of the 21st century, as the challenges related to climate and sustainability come to terms with the urgency of protecting and preserving a decent scenario for future generations, the need to identify new innovative solutions to safeguard the environment becomes pressing. And why not start precisely with waste?

Among the most innovative and developing technologies on the world scene emerges the one related to “Soil Washing,” a solution that, applied to the Gruppo Esposito patented waste recovery and treatment systems, allows to actively promote material recovery and environmental protection.

This solution has proven to be particularly performant in the treatment of municipal waste, with particular reference to waste from street cleaning (EER 200303). In fact, Soil Washing technology applied to this waste makes it possible to recover more than 90 percent of the incoming materials, generating new raw materials in the principles of the circular economy, while reducing waste delivery to landfills.

Design, technology, engineering. Gruppo Esposito Soil Washing systems are a concentrate of innovation and performance. From design to commissioning and start-up, each stage of plant construction undergoes a meticulous engineering and quality process to guarantee adequate and concrete performance guarantees to clients.

Therefore, Soil Washing technology applied to waste allows obtaining high quality raw materials complying with the D.M. 186/2006 release test and the UNI-EN standards for specific sector of use, such as sand, gravel, gravel, significantly reducing the residual amount of waste destined for disposal.

In particular, products recovered from Esposito Group plants obtain the following certifications:

  • CE certification
  • 2+ attestation system certification (EU Regulation 305/2011)
  • EPD certification
  • ISO 9001 certification – ISO 14001 certification

At a time when sustainability has become a must-have value, the Esposito Group and its Soil Washing technology prove that environmental protection and economic growth can go hand in hand. Looking ahead, this innovative solution continues to set the course for a future in which respect for the planet and economic growth converge in a virtuous union, offering a concrete opportunity for a better tomorrow.


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