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We design, build and manage system solutions for waste recovery


For us, designing means lending form to an idea and carrying out all the necessary studies to create innovative systems that meet client needs. To do so, we draw on the know-how and first-hand experience gained over more than twenty years, and driven by passion, innovation and environmental awareness.

Engineering and implementation

The Esposito Group's engineering activity focuses on the creation of innovative industrial systems for the recovery of different types of waste. We deploy a team of professionals to develop every single design element, right up to the commissioning, monitoring, maintenance AND STARTUP of the installation.

Management of our own systems

We handle the operation of systems, including our own, with professionalism and experience. One example of this is the system for the recovery of beached waste in Sardinia and the system for the treatment and recovery of road-cleaning residue in Tuscany. The direct management of our own systems enables us to acquire knowledge and experience that can be transferred to the design of new, more innovative and tested systems.
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More than 20 years’ history of safeguarding the environment

The history of the Esposito Group dates back to 1998, when the Group’s first company, Esposito Servizi Ecologici, was founded, specialising in the management of the collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of industrial waste for environmental protection.esposito-servizi-ecologici-en

Following the design and creation of a plant for the treatment and recovery of road-cleaning residue, the first in Europe, by the Esposito Group, Ecocentro Soluzioni Ambientali, based in Gorle (BG), was established in 2004 specifically to operate and manage the plant.

The desire to develop and market the technology developed led to the founding of Ecocentro Tecnologie Ambientali in 2006, specialising in the turnkey supply (including design, construction and commissioning) of waste treatment systems.

The results achieved, in terms of product quality, specialisation and cutting-edge technology, led to the setting up of Ecocentro Toscana to manage the first plant for the treatment and recovery of road-cleaning residue in Tuscany, located in Montemurlo (PO).
Subsequently, the Esposito Group decided to expand its activities in Italy by building a new plant for the treatment of non-hazardous waste, mainly from beach cleaning in Sardinia, with the new company Ecocentro Sardegna S.r.l.


At the service of the environment

A focus on the environment, technology and innovation make the Esposito Group a solid and future-oriented company.


We develop innovative systems to protect the environment through the application of an effective quality management system.


Every activity implemented by the Esposito Group is dedicated to protecting the environment and to the recovery of materials. Our dream is of a world that is cleaner and therefore more beautiful to live in.


We are a research and innovation-driven company. We develop and test technologies in-house to create state-of-the-art system solutions.


We believe in safety as a value that influences all living and professional contexts. This is an essential element in the way the company operates, and guarantees suitable system performance.

A group composed of three coordinated


Ecocentro Tecnologie Ambientali is a company belonging to the Esposito Group that stands out for its comprehensive and proven expertise in the environmental sector as an expert in the design, construction and management of waste treatment and recovery plants.

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Ecocentro Sardegna is the Esposito Group company that was set up to create the first, innovative patented system solution for the recovery of beached waste.

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