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Environmental solutions and services


Environmental solutions and services

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The experience gained over the years, investment in research and development for new technology, and the passion inherent in each and every activity have led the Esposito Group to design innovative system engineering solutions to protect the environment and the community, which are set out over four areas.

These are the Esposito Group’s areas of operation

  • Sea and Coastal Protection
    The Esposito Group is capable of developing technology for the recovery of waste from beach cleaning. Beached waste is washed, and the sand returned to its original location, giving new life to Italy’s coastal heritage.
  • Conservation of Urban Areas
    Systems designed and built to recover waste from road cleaning and transform it into high quality materials that can be used in various sectors, such as the building industry.

  • Safeguarding of water resources
    The Esposito Group’s initiatives are based on the awareness that water is a precious resource; all the systems and technologies developed by the Group focus on the purification of process water, which is then reused to avoid any waste of this precious resource.

  • Safeguarding of land and soil
    Land and soil are a priceless asset. This is why solutions have also been created for the disposal of civil and/or industrial waste, such as, for example, systems for the treatment of silt and contaminated soil.

All these solutions are part of a journey that started more than 20 years ago! A story still to be told, in which each of us can play a leading role in making the world a cleaner and therefore more beautiful place to live.


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