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Tuesday 22 March 2022

Tarragona Park is greener thanks to the Esposito Group waste containers


Tarragona Park is greener thanks to the Esposito Group waste containers

contenitori raccolta differenziata inaugurazione ezio esposito sardegna

The Esposito Group is playing a leading role in another initiative for environmental protection and sustainability.

New recycling bins made of 100% recycled materials

In Tarragona Park, in Sardinia, new recycling bins made of 100% recycled materials have been installed.

“The new containers have been created to encourage separated collection and recovery, thus rendering waste valuable and creating new opportunities for the production of quality inert materials” said Ezio Esposito, CEO of the Esposito Group, during the inauguration of the project in the presence of the Councillor for the Environment, Andrea Montis, and Giovanni Barmina, the representative for the company Folia Bio, which manages the park.

It is a tangible application of the concept of Second Life Products, a vision for the Esposito Group that has led to the creation of other solutions such as, for example, the first plant in Quartu Sant’Elena (CA) for the recovery and treatment of beached Posidonia, which produces quality products that can be used in agriculture, as well as the innovative ECOLEGO certified-quality products, which can be used in the construction of roads and buildings.

Waste thus takes on a broader dimension, gaining a tangible purpose that focuses on sustainability while at the same time valorising the commitment of the community to regular waste separation.


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