impianto lavaggio inerti
Tuesday 22 March 2022

An exploration of the waste transformation process: the Esposito Group solution


An exploration of the waste transformation process: the Esposito Group solution

impianto lavaggio inerti

Turning waste into resources is not just a vision that guides every action taken by the Esposito Group; it is more a living, operational process that has been generating tangible results for years, with a positive impact on the economy and the environment.

“Waste” is, by definition, worthless, but it conceals an intrinsic value that, if identified and understood, can take the form of new processes that allow it to be transformed into quality material that can be used in various industrial sectors, thus favouring what is known as circular economy.

In a moment in history characterised by a scarcity of natural resources, there is an urgent need for a new economic model that combines both development and environmental protection.

A system in which the recoverable is reused, repaired and recycled as material, and the non-recoverable is transformed into energy.

This is what sets the Esposito Group’s waste recovery-treatment systems apart, as they are designed and constructed using patented, state-of-the-art technology that allows a very high percentage of incoming waste to be recovered, resulting in EC-certified quality materials and recoverable substances.

Type and purpose of materials obtained

Take, for example, the Esposito Group’s road-cleaning residue recovery and treatment system, considered an example of excellence on a European level and the first solution of its kind in the waste recovery sector.

The following materials can be obtained from the treatment process provided by this system:

  • Sand, gravel, shingle
    Materials to be used as secondary raw materials for cement agglomerates and bituminous mixtures. These recovered materials are in compliance with the release test specified in Italian Ministerial Decree of 5 February 1998 as amended by Decree no. 186 of 5 April and with the UNI standards specific to the sector of use; 
  • Ferrous metals
    waste destined for recovery in metallurgical plants.
  • Mixed waste
    Waste to be sent to authorised recovery facilities such as waste-to-energy plants or landfill.
  • Organic waste
    Waste to be sent to authorised recovery facilities such as waste-to-energy plants or landfill.
  • Sludge
    Non-hazardous waste recoverable in standard-authorised furnaces or destined for disposal.
  • Coarse materials
    Non-hazardous inorganic waste be sent to recovery in standard-authorised plants or for disposal in landfills.

These can then be used in a range of sectors, such as the construction industry for the production of asphalt, concrete or concrete products.

One clear example of this is the ECOLEGO project developed by Ecocentro Tecnologie Ambientali, an Esposito Group company specialising in engineering and innovation.

The ECOLEGO project saw the creation of authentic modular blocks made from 100% certified-quality recycled materials. Certifications include, in particular, EPD (the Environmental Product Declaration), a highly authoritative benchmark for the environmental sector that provides tangible evidence of the Esposito Group’s efforts to reduce its environmental impact.

The resemblance to a famous brand of building bricks is obvious, but in this case the purpose of use is truly innovative.

Recycled raw materials, sand and gravel from waste treatment processes are transformed into products for the construction industry, proving that waste can really be turned into a resource.

This is the result of the Esposito Group’s in-depth knowledge of the sector, the passion it puts into its activities on a daily basis and the experience gained over the course of more than twenty years, guided by the goals of minimising environmental impact and the waste of resources.

Watch the ECOLEGO project video.


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