impianto lavaggio inerti
Friday 15 April 2022

New perspectives on waste recovery


New perspectives on waste recovery

impianti recupero rifiuti

From waste to certified raw materials.

A complete circular economy process linking technology, innovation, experience and sustainable approach to map out a new perspective of waste recovery.

An approach that finds application in all Esposito Group solutions. For example, plants for the treatment and recovery of waste from street sweeping are capable of recovering up to 90% of incoming materials, resulting in CE-certified quality products with different declinations of use.

From input waste to output material

Street sweeping wastes, identified by EER code 200303, come from the activity of cleaning urban streets using street sweepers. These may be, for example:

  • from urban and suburban street sweeping;
  • agglomerates from purging of street drains;
  • from cleaning and sweeping of various kinds.

The process that transforms this waste into raw materials is based on the patented technology of Soil Washing. This technology makes it possible to separate the organic component from the recoverable inorganic fraction.

Among the materials recovered, ferrous materials, mixed and organic wastes, sludge and coarse materials emerge. Mainly sand, gravel and shingle. The last-mentioned can be used as secondary raw materials complying with the release test stipulated in the Ministerial Decree of February 5, 1998 as amended by Decree No. 186 of April 5 and the sector-specific UNI-EN Standards.

Here then waste takes on a new value by generating concrete results both in environmental terms, the ultimate expression of assurance, quality and performance.


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