progettazione impianti recupero rifiuti
Friday 25 March 2022

Industry 4.0: here is the technology of Esposito Group’s industrial plants


Industry 4.0: here is the technology of Esposito Group’s industrial plants

progettazione impianti recupero rifiuti

Research, development and innovation.
Technology, efficiency and performance.

These are the guiding factors that, in more than two decades of activity, have guided the choices and growth of the Esposito Group, a leading player in the national and international panorama in the design, construction and management of waste recovery and treatment plants.

Continuous investments in advanced research processes and the desire to create innovative solutions and advanced technologies in the green and circular economy have led to the creation of plant solutions in keeping with Industry 4.0 principles and applications.

In fact, the Group’s plants are also Industry 4.0 ready. That is, they are highly automated and prepared for two-way exchange of data and information with the factory management system.

We talk about interconnection. Machinery and tools are digitized so that all devices can process and optimize data in real time, allowing integrated control of the entire production process.

The integrated and interconnected technology of Esposito Group’s plants ensures:

  • the precise calculation of performance indices;
  • the tracking of the entire process in real time;
  • and the timeliness and accuracy of the data collected.

The interconnection also makes it possible to concretely verify and monitor the profitability of the plant. It is also able to track consumption, in accordance with the principles of sustainability.

An effective, efficient and flexible All Inclusive solution.

In fact, the Group accompanies its customers along the path of plant design and implementation, all the way to turnkey delivery, also managing the automation, interconnection and software management of the entire production site.


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